Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 16

Day 16, Class 16

Went to a morning class. It was hot and crowded which seems to be the usual routine these days. The instructor told me that my balancing stick posture was very good! YAY! I get way more corrections than compliments on my postures so when I get a compliment, it's exciting because I am a yoga dork.


Anonymous said...

i'd rather get corrections than compliments in class. i'm a yoga nerd too though and when i get corrected, i whisper "thank you." one time a teacher told a mat-to-mat saturday class that i did that and i felt like the biggest nerd in the world. oh yeah, congrats on making it past the halfway point! ~m

Anonymous said...

nice, balancing stick and I had a bit of an argument on the mat this morning....balancing stick won...hope you had a great day 17!

mp said...

hey m-
yes, i like to get corrections, too, because i really do want to improve. but i don't mind getting a compliment for every 20 or so corrections which is the ratio i'm at now! :)


allycupe -
well, i guess that's one of the reasons we keep going back to class - gotta conquer those postures some day! balancing stick (right leg) is mine, but lots of other postures still totally own me!