Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 11 redux

Day 11, Class 11

Tried to start the day with class at a studio I haven't been to before, but when I got there, I saw a sign saying that the studio was closed due to a broken heater. I was bummed! It was too late to get back to a morning class at my regular studio so I went to a 6pm class instead. It was uncomfortably hot. Not a good practice for me due to low energy levels. I think if I'm going to keep doing lots of yoga (hopefully 5-6 days a week of Bikram after the 30 days is up), I need to focus a bit more on my diet. Not in the sense of counting calories, but more in the sense of eating less junk, more fruits and veg, more homemade food. I guess my body just can't run on junk food anymore! Le sigh.


Jennifer said...

Just found your blog - I am on my first 30-day challenge and of course looking to read about others'. :) I normally go 5 days a week, and I thought 7 wouldn't be too big of a change, but it has been! I think what I am noticing the most is how much my diet affects my practice (and therefore my life!). It's not just drinking lots of water - I've noticed my morning classes after having carb-heavy meals the night before (white rice, homemade pizza) have been my worst classes. I am now keeping a food diary in addition to my usual yoga journal. Lots of leafy greens and snacks of fruit seems to be helping! Good luck with the rest of your challenge. :)

mp said...

Hey Jennifer,
Thanks for your comment! The food diary is a great idea. I would not dream of including that info here because I think people would be horrified by how junk food-ridden my diet is, but I think it's a great idea to try to correlate food to how I feel in class. Definitely agree that going from 5 days to 7 days is huge - I think it's because there is no rest day to look forward to. You have to find rest within the practice I suppose. Hmmm... maybe I should write a blog post about that!
Anyway, thanks for your comment and I would love to hear how your challenge is going :)