Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 27

Day 27, Class 27

Not much to say except I dragged myself to class even though I didn't really feel like going. My standing postures were pretty strong, but I felt like I ran out of steam on the floor. The floor series is hard for me because locust pose and fixed firm are really uncomfortable. Yes, I know that means I need them even more, but they still don't feel good (even after 27 days in a row) and I'm not seeing myself making much progress on them. Oh well. It's a yoga practice, right? So I just need to keep practicing...

3 MORE DAYS! ONLY 3 MORE DAYS! and then i get a day off from yoga!!!


erin said...

i love your blog! i am doing the 30-day challenge and am on day #7. i enjoy looking back at where you were... glad to hear gross hair is normal! keep up the good work! you're almost there!


mp said...

hey erin,
glad you like it! i'm glad i kept a record of everything. it's kind of fun to read back and see all of the ups and downs.
good luck with your challenge!!!

Mei said...

Go go go! :)