Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 23

Day 23, Class 23

My pal who came earlier in the week for her first class came back again. Yay! She didn't seem like a happy camper after class though. I should have brought coconut water for her. I felt better in class than I have in a few days. And I've definitely taken it on board that getting there and doing the yoga is the important thing. Looking good in class or even feeling good in class is secondary. Showing up seems to be about 95% of the battle! One week to go. Already planning a little celebration for next Friday night to celebrate the end of the 30 days!


Rebecca said...

I had fun though! I was just tired and that girl at the end kinda made me mad.

mp said...

Ok, good! Hopefully you felt better after a Lara Bar and Emergen-C :) Food generally makes me feel better!!!

Yeah, that girl kind of pissed me off too. I mean, I know we weren't supposed to be talking, but clearly we were packing up so we were leaving the room anyway.