Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 22 + what's next

Day 22, Class 22

Not a fun class today. It was crowded and it wasn't so much the heat that bothered me as the fact that it seemed like there was no oxygen in the room. There didn't seem to be any air flow. Lots of people were sitting out postures and the instructor was saying really stupid stuff like, "I'm a yoga instructor and I can read your minds. I can tell what you're thinking." TRUST ME - anyone, even someone who wasn't a yoga instructor, would have been able to tell that people were just fucking miserable and hating life and wondering why they came to class at all.

Hmm... seems like yoga is kicking my ass at the moment!


I still plan to keep doing Bikram after the 30 days is up, but I'm not going to go to class every day. I'm thinking of giving Crossfit a try because I want to get more toned and I think I need to do more weight bearing exercise in order to do so. Anybody tried Crossfit?


mckinley said...

remember: the cd starts out "welcome to bikram's torture chamber, to kill yrself for the next 90 minutes." what part of that sounds like a fun yoga class? i had the same class today too. nice to know we're all suffering together! hang in there, you've only got a week more to go!

um, *really* lock out yr arms for the warmup (ardha chandrasana, utkatasana) and keep them up for all parts, and you will find yr arms getting toned beautifully.

BikramIsHot said...

It's true! Lock out the arms and keep'em up. When I first started my instructor called me a wet noodle all the time because my arms were so weak.

I want to know more about anger in class. I learned right away that if I keep my mind on the postures and my breath, the class is never more than I can handle. I imagine if I put energy into hating my instructor or the heat or whatever, the class would be miserable.

mp said...

mckinley - heh. so true - i guess it's not supposed to be fun :) i know that people say that locking out the arms is enough, but i really wonder about that. i mean, looking at the female instructors at my studio, they are all thin, but to be honest, a lot of them look rather scrawny and they don't have much definition in their arms. i'm over 30 and my arms are a bit flabby and i'm so not into that! i think i need weights to fix it!!!

BikramIsHot - I guess it just depends on where you're at that day. The class (and the heat) does push some people to the edge some days. I know that for me, the anger is a sign that my body is feeling overwhelmed. When you see first timers who want to run out of the room, it's not that they really want that - it's just that they don't know what else to do. I think that some instructors (and probably more advanced yogis) are so disconnected from how that can feel that when they stray from the dialogue, they can end up putting statements out into the class that are just a waste of space and a waste of time. If the instructor concentrates on the dialogue and on the postures, I find that I have a better class and there is less space for me to get annoyed!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm coming again to class tonight which will be fun! I wanted to say that the towel you loaned me smelled so good! It was a pleasure to have a fresh scent in a room full of sweaty people. So nice!