Friday, April 3, 2009

Post-class recovery food/drink

Day 2, Class 2
The room felt less hot this morning, but I still struggled a bit. Ah well, I suppose that's what the next 28 classes are for - getting stronger, getting tougher!


Back when money was less of an issue, I would have a Coco Viva Passionfruit Coconut Water after almost every Bikram class. But Whole Foods recently raised the price of Coco Viva from $1.99 to $2.39 or something like that so I've been experimenting with cheaper things. Last week, I had organic juice boxes from Whole Foods. Much less that Coco Viva but still almost $1 a piece. I ran out of them so today after class, I had a small cup of applesauce. While coconut water has tons of electrolytes and tastes really nice, I think for me, having something ANYTHING after class is the important thing. Having something is significantly better than having nothing. Today I picked up some Juicy Juice juice boxes on sale at QFC - 8 boxes for $2.50. We'll see how those work out... Anybody have any suggestions for cheap post-class recovery food or drink?


Anonymous said...

check with your studio -- they might sell the coconut water by the case. in las vegas our studio sells them for $25 whereas a case at WF is more like 45 or 50+...also a very cheap alternative is Emergen-C, packet of powder electrolites for 35 cents a pack, just mix with water and yummmy!

mp said...

WOW - I wish my studio sold discounted coconut water by the case. I would be the first one in line!!! Unfortunately they don't sell beverages at all - it's pretty no frills in that respect. I picked up a few flavors of Emergen-C at Whole Foods tonight so I'll definitely give them a try and hopefully will find one I like.
Thanks for your comment :)