Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Day 14, Class 14

It either wasn't that hot in class today or I'm actually getting used to the heat. I suspect it wasn't that hot because it wasn't one of the normal instructors teaching. Either way, I felt pretty good and feel like I've made progress in most postures except for Fixed Firm which is still the bane of my existence. hate. that. pose.


In other news, I've done a Bikram class each day for two weeks. My mom always says that it takes two weeks to form a habit which would mean that Bikram yoga has officially gone from a hobby to a habit for me :)


Anonymous said...

supta-vajrasana?! that's, like, my favorite pose! what i don't like is how everyone at my studio looks at that as the floor "party time!" ~m

mp said...

my knees and ankles do not enjoy that post AT ALL... which i guess means it's the pose i need even more. they say that is one pose you really shouldn't push because the knees are fragile so i guess i'll just hang out upright for however long it takes! one instructor told me it took her two years of serious practice to get out of the upright position in that pose.