Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 26

Day 26, Class 26

Not one of my more mature or evolved classes. The woman in front of me kept interpreting every pose as wind removing pose - SHE WOULD NOT STOP FARTING. I let it get to me. I became annoyed by it. I wondered if other people were aware of it. I just didn't remain zen about class. And it was really hot in the room and I had eaten less than usual before class because I haven't gone grocery shopping in a while. Overall it was basically a mess. But alas, there's always tomorrow to improve mentally and physically...


Only 4 days to go! I'm getting together with friends on Friday night for beers and pub grub to celebrate!!!


mckinley said...

ewwww, grosss. fitting that the word verification i have to type is "gastru," but that's beside the point, which was ewwwww, gross.

BikramIsHot said...

It looks like you will be finishing your challenge just as I am finally getting back into the studio! At home, i'm the only farter and the only giggler, so we'll see how this month away has changed my studio decorum.... i will definitely write about my experiences. will you keep your blog open once you switch up your workout?
Peace & congrats!

mp said...

mckinley - yes, it was a rather unfortunate situation for all of us!

BikramIShot (sorry - had to play with the capitalization for my own amusement!) - yes, i'll keep my blog up. and we'll see what happens with my workouts. i definitely won't be doing bikram every day, but hopefully i'll keep going 4-5 days a week or so. we'll see.