Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 19 + thanks so much for all of your support!

Day 19, Class 19

My knee was feeling very tender today. Contemplated not going to class. But @ilovesweat gave me great advice which was to take it slow. And take it slow I did. People were dropping like flies in the class so I didn't feel too bad about taking it easy and sitting out a few postures. I do have to say that I don't notice the heat as much anymore - the body does seem to get used to it! So yay for day 19 just for the fact that I made it!


And I wanted to take a minute to thank all of my new internet yogi friends for your support! It has been amazing. Most people in my "real life" don't really get what I've been doing so it's been so great to get your comments and @replies on Twitter. You guys and girls have definitely kept me accountable for what I set out to do and I appreciate it so much! Namaste :)


mckinley said...

glad i can be a positive influence, but even better for you for actually doing it! it's a good habit to have, enjoy it!

bikramyogachick said...

You are right, our non-yogi friends tend to look at us like we are batshit insane (esp the ones that have tried one class and said "are you kidding me??") I also find awesome support from the online Bikram community. We are all at some level kindred spirits! Keep it up, you are doing great!