Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 18 + another new theory

Day 18, Class 18

Did class with my mom this morning. She loves the yoga but doesn't get to do it much because she lives about an hour away from a studio. We meet up for class 2-3 times per month. We did fine in class, not great but respectable I think. However some of our fellow classmates were hating life. One girl told the instructor she thought she was going to throw up and then ran to the bathroom. Another girl left the room twice. And yet another girl was in the bathroom so long that the instructor went to check on her. A bit distracting and also makes me worry a bit about my friends who are coming to class with me for the first time this week. My knee is hurting a bit today. I think it's more from driving my car (old car -> smooshed down seat -> bad knee position when driving) than doing Bikram, but still I'm going to try to be gentle with it for the next few days. Thought about doing another class this evening but I don't want to push it with my knee.


I have another new theory. I used to hang out with runners. I did a half marathon last year and went on a lot of group runs. Runners like to eat after runs - people would always bust out their sandwiches or Power Bars or whatever and on runs of 8+ miles, people had their Gu, Sport Beans, etc. Occasionally you see people with Emergen-C or something after Bikram class, but not often at my studio. I always have a juice box or coconut water or small cup of applesauce after class. It makes me feel a million times better and I know that the sugar right after a strenuous workout will be used by my body more efficiently than the Coke I drink while sitting on the couch watching tv. I was talking about this with a few of my runner friends and one suggested that maybe yogis like feeling exhausted after class because then they know they've done something! I think that's an interesting theory. The cultural differences between runners and yogis are pretty fascinating and I think this is yet another example of it.


mckinley said...

how cool that you practise with yr mom! there are a few mom/daughters at our studio too. we even have whole families!

not too sure about yr theory though. our studio sells coconut water and it is very popular after class with both students and teachers. they also sell smart water, adina and a few flavors of synergy. we have one teacher who always brings orange cuties for after class.

prolly has to do with how serious people are about their practise and/or health, which can be one and the same. ~m

mp said...

it's fun to go with my mom! last year on mothers day when all "normal" people were having brunch, we were doing yoga :)

it might have more to do with the fact that my studio doesn't sell coconut water or anything! it's just that most runners i know are really into recovery food and i just haven't seen that with the yogis at my studio.

mckinley said...

thinking on it again, i go to a pretty serious studio too. one time my teacher and i walked in to start class and this girl made for the door. my teacher asked her where she was going and she said "the bathroom" and my teacher told her to hold it and she did! of course the same teacher said that to someone else last week and he went back to his mat and threw up. so the no leaving the room rule is pretty well enforced but sometimes it backfires. she told the class "that's the one time you don't listen to the teacher and you leave the room anyway."

BC said...

I usually have a small snack after practice...usually a few pita chips, a granola bar, or a G2 gatorade. I've done the coconut water but it got a bit expensive for me.
There are times when I don't need a darn thing, though

mp said...

mckinley - wow! at my studio, i've heard instructors encourage people to stay in the room but have never seen them tell someone not to go to the bathroom! and i've heard about people throwing up in the room, but have never seen it --- and don't really want to!

BC - i guess everybody is different - i'm not hard core yet so i definitely want something after class! i'm not sure whether my need for juice or coconut water is more mental or physical... probably both! i need that little "reward" right after class - lets me know that it's all over and i can relax :)