Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yoga Is My Bailout + Day 10 + Twitter yogis

Day 10, Class 10

I ate some junk food right before class and then the room was hot hot hot. Not a good combination! And the woman in front of me was using just a towel (no mat) and during the spine strengthening series, she was very far back on her towel and her feet were practically in my face. NOT COOL. Also don't understand why people aren't told to use mats - there is probably one person per class that doesn't use a mat even though the studio has extra mats that you can use for free. Do not appreciate that because it contributes to the funky smell of the carpet. GRRR.
:end rant:


In other news, I set up a yoga-focused Twitter account and I am loving the Bikram yoga community on Twitter. It's only been a day but already I've gotten such great feedback, found some great yoga shirts from @yogadork and @ilovesweat, and have been reTweeted a few times. Are you on Twitter? I'm @30daysofbikram.

I ordered a Yoga Is My Bailout shirt from YogaDork. As you can see from the lovely graphic I "borrowed" from YogaDork, the shirts are on sale! For a mere $18, you can have one, too :)

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